Building Blocks of Science 3D

Building Blocks of Science 3D

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To fully grasp three-dimensional learning, students need to actively engage with phenomena through multiple channels. Active investigations blended with powerful literacy, digital, and interactive content provide additional avenues for students to explore concepts. All K–5 Building Blocks of Science® 3D units use an integrated approach that includes reading of informational text, cross-curricular activities, and home-school connections.

With Building Blocks of Science® 3D:

  • Students become STEM scientists who study, model, and explain the real-world and science phenomena and design solutions they experience in the classroom.
  • Students engage in investigations where they DO the science and engineering of STEM careers.
  • Investigations build skills in problem-solving, critical thinking, communication, and teamwork—habits that real scientists have.
  • Math and ELA connections are integrated into the inquiry science investigations through informational text, notebooking, and math skills.

Another great reason to use Building Blocks of Science® 3D —hands-on, inquiry-based instruction is proven to raise test scores in science, reading, and math!

What can you expect with Building Blocks of Science® 3D?

  • Investigations that can be completed in 20–30 minutes, providing flexibility for your busy classroom
  • Easy-to-use Teacher’s Guides provide step-by-step preparation and instruction, background information, and tips from real classroom teachers
  • Units that were designed explicitly for the 3-dimensional teaching and learning,
  • Students actively engaged in hands-on investigation and engineering design, cultivating interest in future STEM careers—every lesson, every unit. 


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