Bromcom Finance

Bromcom Finance

Bromcom Hall: Bett Hall Stand: SM61

Bromcom Finance is a cloud-based accounting system built exclusively for schools and academies and is fully integrated with the Bromcom MIS, making it a unique offering. No need to switch between applications, Bromcom Finance is accessible within the same interface as Bromcom MIS, bringing many benefits including ease of use, cost-saving and advanced capabilities. Bromcom Finance helps manage your activities and workflows with accounts payable, accounts receivable and general ledger, and provides sophisticated budget monitoring.  Document management is standard, as is the integration with staff records for salary projections and payroll integration. Arrange a demonstration today to find out more and speak with our users to see how Bromcom Finance has transformed financial management in their schools.


  • Data Management & Storage
  • Attendance Management
  • Managing Information Systems
  • Connectivity & Communication solutions

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