bestuhl - U50/U55 chair

bestuhl - U50/U55 chair

bestuhl Co., Ltd. Hall: Bett Hall Stand: NK41

1. Ball caster: The built-in ball caster allows for quiet movement without damage to the floor, and fixes the position once you sit.

2. Seat board cover: With a detachable and attachable seat board cover, replacement is simple when it becomes dirty, and with 6 different colors to choose from, you can create your ideal workspace. 

3. Vertical stacking[U50]: By simple folding, vertical storage is possible, allowing for the saving of space. With the ease of movement and maintenance, in a variety of spaces, utilization is easy.

4. Vertical stacking[U55]: The vertical stacking allows for neat organization and makes movement and storage simple. By stacking vertically, the storage volume can be reduced and the efficient management of space becomes possible.


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