10 Dec 2021


Versa – Dining Furniture Hall: Bett Hall Stand: SK22

Built with adjustable table heights and extended tabletops for more room, the Benchmark system will allow you to accommodate all your pupils’ needs.

You’ll be able to seat more students without the need for extra space - six tables require a footprint of less than 5ft3in x 7ft4in with each additional table adding just 28cm (11in).

What’s more, these ultra-durable tables are designed with locking latches, anti-glide legs, and a Lift Assist System to ensure a safer and smoother dining experience.

Our Benchmark tables are covered by a lifetime warranty to give you complete peace of mind. We’ll also give you a FREE online demo, where we’ll show you exactly how the Benchmark tables work and answer any questions you may have.


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  • Classroom Resources
  • Furniture

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