BBC micro:bit V2 - Kitronik Starter Kit

11 Jan 2021

BBC micro:bit V2 - Kitronik Starter Kit

Kitronik Hall: Bett Hall Stand: SA28

This micro:bit V2 starter kit contains everything you need to get going with micro:bit straight away. It consists of a BBC micro:bit V2, a 1M anti tangle USB Cable, a Battery Cage and 2 x AAA Batteries. The USB cable allows you to connect your micro:bit to a computer. The battery pack and batteries enable you to power your BBC micro:bit once you disconnect it from the USB.

The starter pack is supplied in an organic bag that was designed for this purpose, features drawstrings, and can be used as permanent storage for the starter pack. It keeps your starter pack together and can be reused over and over again.


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