BalanceBox® Winx®​ - Touchscreen Whiteboard Frame

25 Nov 2021

BalanceBox® Winx®​ - Touchscreen Whiteboard Frame

Regout Hall: Bett Hall Stand: NL32

The BalanceBox® Winx® range has the best of both worlds, combining your high-tech touch panel technology with the powerful functionalities of traditional whiteboards in one ultimate solution. This solution preferably combines 75” and 86” panels with the BalanceBox® 650 (the feather light dynamic height adjustment), two double-sided pivoting enameled steel whiteboards, a whiteboard stop, and an optional whiteboard lock.

The Winx® 4 and Winx® 6 have three standard size frames for 60” up to 86” touchscreens and flat panels. These frames are fully adjustable around your panel, creating a harmonious ensemble, and include an aluminum bottom tray and a choice to go for either 4 or 6 enameled steel whiteboard surfaces.


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