Audit & Compliance

Audit & Compliance

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Audit & Compliance helps schools, colleges and businesses keep track of their assets. The software also gives you the ability to see when warranties are due to expire and license renewal dates – ensuring you’ll never miss an update again. With unlimited users and locations, anyone with a smart device can carry out Audit & Compliance checks, add new assets, report damaged equipment, and carry out health and safety compliance checks; all from one simple app.

Key features of Audit & Compliance to name a few include:

Audit Service
Save time and resources with our professional on-site audit service

Google Deep Learning
Automatically populate asset details just from a photograph for convenience and accuracy

Simple Audits
This system enables you to scan the barcode on the door of the room you’re wanting to audit and see all the assets associated with that room. Simply scan the barcode or tap the asset on your app to complete your audit.

The dynamic dashboard enables you to personalise your view to what is important to your organisation. See which of your devices need replacing or updating at great ease.

When uploading a new asset, simply scan your serial barcode and Audit & Compliance will generate dates as to when you need to replace the asset and when warranties end!


To view the full benefits of Audit and Compliance, simply visit our website. 



  • School Visits & Trips
  • Attendance Management
  • Managing Information Systems
  • School visitor management
  • Security & Risk Management

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