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It is easier and more intuitive to learn a foreign language from the similarities it has with our mother tongue. Atticus is based on this cognitive principle for the learning of latin. 

Perception exercises (words and grammatical form recognition, comprehension, translation) and production exercises (words and sentences) are combined to reinforce students learning. In order to increase lexical and grammatical memorization, new words and forms are introduced in each activity and are reused several times. 

Atticus offers more than 2,500 exercises divided into the following 5 modules:

  • Understand the case system
  • Enriching the vocabulary of nouns and adjectives through the study of declensions
  • Expanding verb vocabulary through the study of conjugations
  • Work on the structure of the Latin sentence
  • Understand without translating



  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Distance Learning
  • Educational/Instructional Software

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