25 Nov 2021


Academe Plus Hall: Bett Hall Stand: NA53

AcadeMe+, The Visual Learning Platform, offers A.I.-based ready-to-use interactive lessons for schools, serving to enhance student engagement. Our Interactive lessons are based on major Hollywood studios’ carefully curated films, 21st century skills-focused, fully curriculum aligned, and language customizable.

AcadeMe+ platform caters to all the teacher’s needs with its innovative features -

  • Interactive Lessons
  • Smart Lesson Creator
  • Films & Clips Search Engine 
  • Student Performance Report 
  • Teachers' Community Zone

Our film catalogue includes 1,000 films by Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Fox, Sony and Columbia as well as thousands of tagged film clips. Developed exclusively by Journeys In Film, our pedagogical expert team, our interactive lessons offer questions and activities before, during, and after the film clips, which students access on their personal devices.

The platform, launched by 9-Digital, has been licensed since 2019 by the Israeli ministry of education for the entire public school system, serving 3,700 schools and 120,000 teachers.


  • Distance Learning
  • Educational/Instructional Software
  • Learning Materials

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