A solution to protect a variety of assessments

A solution to protect a variety of assessments

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Automated or Live Online Proctoring

Proctorio leverages proprietary technology and expert live proctors to deliver secure exam results.


Free Lock Down

These settings ensure that test takers stay within the exam window. They secure the exam environment by restricting access to digital materials.


Automated or Live Identity Verification

Proctorio’s software captures an image of the test taker's ID card, as well as images of the test taker.


Proctorio agents analyze the test taker’s ID card for authenticity and compare them to the test taker's image in real-time.


Automated Content Protection

Proctorio's WebSweep monitoring tool alerts exam administrators when exam questions have been digitally posted outside of the assessment platform.


Automated Originality Verification

Now, institutions can ensure an equitable environment for learners by detecting plagiarism within online written assignments.




  • Achievement Monitoring
  • Assessment services
  • Distance Learning

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