A Flexible Early Years Module

23 Mar 2022

A Flexible Early Years Module

Learning Ladders Stand: FS31

What is your number one early years requirement for your early years setting?

Here are just seven reasons why early years practitioners are already loving our new module:

  1. Ability to import or design your own curriculum
  2. Customise your attainment and progress descriptors
  3. Translate observations, home learning and help articles for parents
  4. Improve transition with one whole school system for early years and primary
  5. Easy to interpret, consistent reporting to SLT and governors
  6. One Parent Communication tool for parents in both Early Years and Primary, no more multi-login  for different systems
  7. Pre-written notes for practitioners to guide them through the new framework

To get started, and to see the benefits for yourself, simply activate the early years module within your existing Learning Ladders system and create the ultimate transition-to-primary tool for early years practitioners. Alternatively, you can easily set it up as a standalone system for your Early Years setting.

It’s as great as it sounds, and is the ONLY  tool created specifically in response to the updated statutory framework 2021.

What makes our early years module stand out from the rest?


Early years teachers know best - they know what they want children in their setting to learn, and the most effective ways to teach it.

Our module makes the most of this, by providing the tools that make it easier to communicate this information to senior leaders, teachers, parents and children.


Set the foundation for perfectly pitched learning opportunities built from prior experiences. 

All features are geared towards making the transition between early years and primary seamless - meaning less upheaval and more success for your classes.


Reclaim your time to interact with children and record only meaningful information - we’re putting the child back at the centre of practice.

Even our observation tools deliver above the rest:

●     Upload multiple files to each observation to monitor progress more effectively

●     Additional filtering tools for phase leaders in the Observation Manager

●     Custom tags for phase leader monitoring against identified areas of improvement

●     Observation Map providing a visible representation of the development recorded in your observation, against your bespoke curriculum objectives

Parent Partnerships

One easy-to-use system for parents, no more stressing over needing multiple logins to different platforms to support children in different phases

The new early years module integrates fully with other phases in the Learning Ladders system. This means parents can check in on how all their children are getting on - all on one system, no matter their age.


●     Observations both ways with two-way communications

●     Share articles to upskill parents

Establish long-lasting partnerships with parents and benefit from one whole school communication system with Ladders at Home.




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