1 2 3 Cabri

1 2 3 Cabri

Cabrilog Hall: Bett Hall Stand: HV13

Practical and pedagogic research shows that the pupil learns and retains knowledge better when he interacts through touch and manipulation. The collection 1 2 3 ...Cabri puts this finding into application. Its interactive activity books constitute a bridge
between the familiar real world of the pupil and the abstract world of mathematics.

Each activity book contains several activities progressively introducing andconsolidating studies. Having been encouraged to think by questions and the available tools, the pupil calculates and manipulates presentations of real objects, and of numerical or geometric objects (2D and 3D). He resolves problems and learns
thanks to the environment, which reacts to his actions or answers.

The collection covers key notions of mathematics in elementary school:
• Numbers and operations,
• Geometry and measurement,
• Data handling.


  • Distance Learning
  • Educational/Instructional Software
  • Classroom Resources

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