Reaching beyond the borders: Scottish Borders partners with Canadian company to transform teaching and learning

Reaching beyond the borders: Scottish Borders partners with Canadian company to transform teaching and learning

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Reaching beyond the borders: Scottish Borders partners with Canadian company to transform teaching and learning

The programme is a strategic, long-term education transformation project focused on teaching and learning which aims to eliminate inequity and encourages attainment through the use of technology. As part of this, the Council identified several partners that align with these aims and address its four guiding principles which ensure mobility, personalisation, collaboration, and excellence.
Showbie was recognised as one of the vital tools in helping to make teaching and learning a more robust and enhanced experience for staff, students and parents across the Borders.

One of the key differentiators identified by the Council was the resource’s simplicity in automating administrative processes and improving classroom workflow. In addition to allowing schools to analyse data, track progress and attainment, Showbie also empowers teachers and students to deliver verbal feedback digitally. Pupils can receive personalised voice notes from teachers which help them to gain a deeper understanding of their learning which they can then revisit at any stage to consolidate knowledge. Similarly, it gives teachers detailed insight into student assessment and any areas for development, as students are able to record and share their learning or reasonings. While it has only just been officially implemented, the potential of the platform has already garnered positive responses from teachers and parents in the community.

Rachel Foy, Deputy Head Teacher at Duns Primary School, said:

“We believe that the children of the Scottish Borders deserve access to this high-quality digital learning environment as we move into the next stage of blended learning. Showbie will enable teachers to bridge that knowledge gap quicker whilst taking our children and teachers to the forefront of the digital learning experience.”

Catherine Thomson, education lead for the Inspire Learning Programme, said:

“Inspire Learning aims to create the best possible environment for teaching and learning, providing equity of access for all to the best tools for learning and supporting the drive to raise attainment for every student. Long before the pandemic hit, we had made great progress in eliminating inequity of access and accelerated our programme until; over 13,500 students and teachers in every school have received their iPad and launched the programme. This represents four years of primary school and all of secondary school with a refresh cycle built in to ensure sustainability. Since Covid-19, we have witnessed more than 90 per cent of teachers delivering learning remotely via their Inspire Learning devices, with more than 90 per cent of young people also accessing this learning through the iPad.”

With every student across P4-S6 owning an iPad, and a changing landscape where blended and hybrid learning has become more commonplace, it is essential for students, staff, parents, and the wider community to build the necessary digital skills which will be key for future success. As part of this, the Council recognised the important role that mobile platforms would play in building these foundations, as well as providing the much-needed support for teachers in terms of streamlining lessons, easing workloads, and personalising learning.

Andrew Jewell, development lead for the Inspire Learning Programme, said:

“Every industry has been disrupted by technology and so it is vital to ensure our young people – and the wider community – are equipped with the general and specialist digital skills that align with employer demands. This drive to positively impact our region, build key digital skills in our community and encourage our young people to see themselves as part of a world-leading project is at the heart of our vision. Our four principles of mobility, personalisation, collaboration and excellence support all we do.

“By partnering with like-minded organisations such as Showbie, we are confident that we can continue this positive trajectory in achieving equity, driving ambition, and transforming teaching and learning, both in and beyond the Borders.”

Colin Bramm, CEO of Showbie, said:

“We are incredibly proud to be a friend and partner of one of the world’s leading technology in education programmes. We are an organisation centred on simplicity and impact, which means teachers can focus on teaching and learning, rather than technology implementation.

“Headquartered in Edmonton Alberta, we share the same experience with the Borders in that we have rural roots, and have witnessed first-hand how technology has, and continues to, change the landscape. Therefore, we understand the importance of equipping and empowering students and educators with meaningful tools and relevant skills that will help them succeed, regardless of the environments or situations they may face.

“We are excited for our newly established UK-based team to support the successful rollout of Showbie as part of the Inspired Learning Programme in the Borders. We're looking forward to seeing how Showbie will play its part in elevating the Programme and achieving its vision, not only by supporting schools in the local vicinity but also branching beyond the Borders and inspiring a whole global community.”

As part of its implementation across schools in the Scottish Borders, the Council will host a variety of events from May. This includes an engagement session for headteachers, various training hosted by the Showbie team as well as a programme of events for teachers which will take place between now and the Summer.

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