Mozaik Education Press Release for BettFest 2021

13 Jan 2021

Mozaik Education Press Release for BettFest 2021

MOZAIK Education Hall: Bett Hall Stand: NH31
Mozaik Education Press Release for BettFest 2021

• Educational presentation software suite developed for interactive touch displays that gives the teachers the resources to create engaging and eye-catching lessons.
• Alongside versatile presentation functions, mozaBook puts an entire library of interactive content at teachers’ and students’ fingertips, including 1250+ 3D models and scenes, 120+ tools and games, along with audio, video and still image content.
• Teachers can also add their own files into presentations, create and assign tests and quizzes, and upload their own textbooks to make them interactive. It’s a great way to get the most out of the technology in today’s blended classrooms!
• webcam-based natural science, exploration and data logging software that allows students and teachers to carry out scientific observations and measurements by using a computer
• It can be easily integrated in classroom teaching in form of group-work and presentation supporting content, but it can enhance individual student involvement and efficient home-learning as well. With the help of built-in sensors, students can test their hypothesis or carry out measurements with everyday objects
• LabCamera includes seven scientific modules (Microscope, Kinematics, Time lapse, Motion cam, Pathfinder, Graph challenge, and Universal Logger) to discover the secrets of nature and our immediate surroundings.
• A browser-based platform for learning at home, providing users with K-12 interactive content to gain a better understanding of the curriculum including subjects, like History, Geography, Chemistry, or Physics. The Media library contains more than 1200 interactive 3D scenes, subject-related tools and games, and a vast collection of audio visual materials and still images.
• A Free registration provides a restricted access to the content library (viewing max. 5 animations, videos, or tools per week), while a Premium subscription grants an unlimited access to the whole content library and enables students to receive homework assignments and participate in classwork.
• As it is a web-based solution, mozaWeb doesn’t require any installation. With their registered personal accounts, students can login to the platform on their tablet or smartphone as well, and use our freely downloadable Android application, the Mozaik3D app to explore our 1200 3D scenes with a few clicks.

Interactive 3D Smartbooks
The Click n’ Learn series of our interactive 3D books offer the benefits of both printed books and mobile devices to acquire more extensive knowledge. The 20 titles cover several age groups and subjects.
Besides having the high-quality printed version, readers can open and watch related interactive 3D animations on their smart devices with the help of QR codes.
In the 3D scenes readers can
• rotate, zoom, see cutaway views
• watch narrated animations
• walk around with the built-in VR feature
These fun non-fiction / educational books cover all age groups and subjects, like Science, Engineering, History, Biology or Geography and they can support home-learning as well.

Mozaik Education
Started out as a textbook publisher for primary and secondary education almost three decades ago, Mozaik Education has been developing digital educational solutions for 12 years. Localized in 30 languages, today the mozaLearn digital educational system is used in every continent.
Mozaik is continually developing new software, interactive 3D, video and audio content and educational applications to meet the needs of education ministries, K-12 teachers and students, and publishers worldwide. Covering everything from interactive digital textbooks, to complete presentation software for interactive boards, computers and tablets, to school and classroom management, the mozaLearn solution is helping to open a new chapter in the history of education.
For more information about mozaBook and other products from Mozaik Education, visit, or get in touch at


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