Kaligo invites schools visiting BETT to sign up for a FREE impact trial of revolutionary AI digital handwriting and spelling app

Kaligo invites schools visiting BETT to sign up for a FREE impact trial of revolutionary AI digital handwriting and spelling app

Kaligo Hall: Bett Hall Stand: FS34

At Bett 2022, schools are invited to see the new AI digital handwriting app from Kaligo at BETT Futures (Stand FS34 - 23-25 March 2022) and sign up for their free 6-week impact trial. Kaligo helps identify writing difficulties and provides immediate feedback and personalised intervention.

Kaligo's AI technology checks the child's writing strokes around the letter or number on the screen. Then, by analysing how and where the strokes are placed, the technology shows the child how to auto-correct their work. By the same method, Kaligo also highlights any issues with forming a particular letter or number.

Teachers who have piloted Kaligo said that' It's what they have been waiting for’, and 'it offers new insight into the neuro processes a child goes through whilst writing.' Teachers choose their preferred handwriting scheme and either a pre-set lesson or set their lesson for their pupils. Kaligo then provides teachers with records of each child's ability to write and monitors their ongoing progress, giving teachers an accurate picture of a child's current writing skills.

Donna Shah, Assistant Digital Learning Adviser at Cognita schools, who are currently taking part in the trial, explains:

"At Cognita, our use of technology in education has been given as a shining example of schools using technology to bring students together and to engage them collaboratively with their teachers. Kaligo is a welcome addition to our existing edtech portfolio and will help our teachers deliver the highest quality, personalised learning journey in handwriting, spelling and literacy.  We look forward to seeing the results of the impact trial pilot over the next few weeks." 

The impact of Kaligo on handwriting has already been successful in other schools trialling the handwriting and spelling app, with some children progressing by two-year groups in just a few weeks. With Kaligo, pupils find handwriting more fun as the colourful and intuitive screens on tablets most pupils are already familiar with, making the task of handwriting more exciting.

Talking about the impact trial's success, Faisal Hamid from Kaligo added: "The results we are seeing from the impact trial pilots so far have been incredible. The additional new features added to Kaligo together with the affordable Kaligo Stylus mean that Kaligo is now a gamechanger for teaching handwriting and spelling in the classroom and helping schools to close any gaps in learning."  

The ongoing individual assessment and interventions mean there is no need for daily checking, and there is no impact on 'teachers' workloads. Results and records are analysed and updated automatically; then, they are stored in the Kaligo teacher portal, saving many hours of ' 'teacher's admin time.

Approved by the DfE Hungry Little Minds campaign, Kaligo has also been recognised by many awards organisations, including the GESS Education Awards and has also been selected in the BETT Awards as a finalist in 2020, Highly commended in 2021 and is also a finalist for the 2022 awards.

If 'you're a teacher or senior leader, please visit BETT Futures to try out 'Kaligo's innovative handwriting technology and find out more about the free impact trial or visit www.kaligo-apps.com for more information. Those signing up for a Kaligo impact trial during BETT will also be entered into a giveaway draw to win Styluses for their school.


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