Jabra Biz 1100 EDU launch release

09 Aug 2021

Jabra Biz 1100 EDU launch release

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Jabra Biz 1100 EDU launch release

Copenhagen, Denmark – 9th August 2021 - Jabra today confirms the release of the Jabra Biz 1100 EDU, a cost-effective headset designed with education in mind. With the Covid-19 pandemic accelerating the need for remote learning, schools are increasingly adopting technology to support flexible learning, so students can continue learning whether in the classroom or remote. Regardless of location the headset offers an array of features designed to help reduce distractions and keep students focused on lessons. 

Learning remotely can be full of distractions which is why the Jabra Biz 1100 EDU has been crafted to minimise background noise. Noise-cancelling microphones help students be heard clearly in any environment – reducing or even completely blocking out other noises. Being built for comfort, with a feather-light, ergonomic design, the plug-and-play Jabra Biz 1100 also features leatherette cushions making it lightweight enough to be worn all day, every day. 

The headset also features PeakStopTM, a Jabra feature that eliminates potentially harmful sound spikes, so even the youngest of students can use it safely. With its durable, bend-proof cables and boom-arms that have been extensively tested against thousands of different movements, the headset is built to last. 

Offering first a 3.5mm jack and later (Q1, 2022) a USB variant, the Jabra Biz 1100 EDU works with all leading UC platforms including Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Google Meet. With the intuitive control unit in the USB variant, students can easily adjust the volume and mute their microphone, reducing disruptions from external sources like latecomers.

Maya Tuyen Le, Head of Education Sector at Jabra said:Hybrid learning has created an array of new challenges, both for educators and students. With some students learning from the classroom and others from home, ensuring that everyone is getting the same seamless experience is a challenge. While the Jabra Biz 1110 EDU can’t do the work for students, the cutting-edge technology gives them the best chance to keep their mind on the classroom and not on the many distractions at home”. 

Key features and specifications: 

- Wired, durable headset design for intense, all-day use 

- Noise-cancelling microphones to be heard clearly in every environment   

- Lightweight and with foam ear cushions 

- 270° flexible spin boom-arm

- PeakStopTM protects against spikes in sound 

- 3.5mm jack or USB connectivity

- Works with leading UC platforms including Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Google Meet                                              

The Jabra Biz 110 EDU is available from selected retailers at for £64.75 (3.5mm jack). USB version in Q1, 2022 will be £83.50 (USB-A variant).                                                           

For more information, please visit www.jabra.co.uk/biz1100edu 

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