Deal Education Alliance for Learning Trust customer case study

18 Nov 2021

Deal Education Alliance for Learning Trust customer case study

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Deal Education  Alliance for Learning Trust customer case study

Before implementing the Access software, we were reliant on outdated and clunky systems. When we academised in April 2019 however, we had the option to implement something new which was really exciting.

The Access Finance and Budgeting software now presents our data in a more intuitive and user-friendly way. I always think that you should be able to access data where you think it should be, rather than having to manually search through or stumbling across it completely by chance.

As CFO, I can also manage permission levels to ensure that the right members of staff can access the required information. With our old system it was all or nothing, which created issues around data security and privacy.

I can already see that the Access Finance and Budgeting software will make a huge difference to the auditing process as we can grant the auditors access to a ‘read only’ version of our system, via the cloud. Not only will this minimise the time auditors spend on-site, but it will also make the entire process far less stressful for the trust.

Back in 2019, our annual audit took about 40 days and last year it was closer to 25. Next time around, having been using the Access system the full financial year, I’m anticipating that we’ll smash our 20-day target.

Teachers now also have a much clearer understanding of what their budget is and how much they have left to spend. Two years ago, they would have had to ask their headteacher, who would then speak to the finance team which was hugely inefficient and made forward planning difficult.

Back in June we also added Access People and it’s already making a noticeable difference, having significantly cut down the time we spend processing data. By consolidating our HR processes into one system we now have full visibility of the entire trust, improving reporting and KPI analysis.

Staff can now log in and download their payslips, access holiday requests and log overtime within just a few clicks. Previously this would have been done manually over email and it was incredibly inefficient.

Since adding the Access products we’ve been able to implement positive change and improve ways of working across the trust. As updates happen in real-time, I’m confident that the whole trust will be working from the same information and communication will also continue to improve.


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