Crompton House school customer case study

18 Nov 2021

Crompton House school customer case study

GCSEPod Hall: Bett Hall Stand: SJ52
Crompton House school customer case study

We’ve been using the My School Portal software for around 5 years now. During the implementation phase the team at My School Portal worked closely with us to ensure the system was fully integrated with our Progresso management information system and that the right data was pulling through.

I know that the whole team was hugely impressed by the support on offer. They have always been on hand to address any issues or tweak the portal in line with our changing needs.

With well over 1500 pupils, we knew we needed an effective system that could streamline processes and provide a centralised hub of information for parents, pupils and staff. Before we moved to My School Portal, our email communication was sufficient, however it was adding to staff workload and we were keen to find a more streamlined alternative as soon as possible.

We knew that the parent and pupil portals would save hours of staff time, offering a centralised hub of information. Now, should a parent require attendance metrics, progress updates or behaviour records, they can simply log in to the portal and view the information in real time.  

Not only does this functionality go down well with parents, it also allows teachers to focus on delivering the curriculum and supporting pupils.

Via the portal, parents, pupils and teachers can also view communication messages, rewards and merits, sanctions and the full school calendar.

Now, things like end of year reports are far more straightforward, as they can be uploaded directly to the school portal - something that has saved days of time in a school of this size. Should a parent want a progress update before reports are due, they can easily log in and check their child’s progress metrics or any recent feedback from teachers.

Having seen processes adapt significantly during my time at Crompton House, I’d definitely recommend the My School Portal software to another school. It’s made a massive difference to us and I know the rest of my team speak highly of it.


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