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Community Brands UK

Community Brands UK comprises of market-leading education technology companies trusted by over 20,000 school establishments. Our products and solutions provide customers with tangible benefits by reducing costs, offering your staff more time to focus on their priorities and working alongside your leadership teams to achieve your strategic priorities.

Our family of products make huge differences towards the way our schools work and improving outcomes for International Schools, School Groups or Ministries of Education. We look forward to connecting with you soon!



Community Brands offer a complete data and analytics solution for school groups, ministries and districts – an intelligent data solution for feature-rich school reporting. Providing easy to use data analytic tools designed to inform data-driven decision making for the whole school improvement. Assembly is our analytics platform designed to bring schools’ data together and reduce time spent entering and managing data so you can spend more time acting on it. 



Communications provide a connection between the educational organisation and parents or guardians, to give them the opportunity to be more engaged with their children’s experience at school. Our software removes a real logistical communications headache for our customers, while also reducing paper wastage and school costs. Parentapps is our communications solution specialising in helping teachers reach parents and guardians in real time. There are also many more benefits to access through the app, such as virtual parents’ evening solutions, surveys and forms, event calendars. 



Our integration solution is used by Schools, Local Authorities, Ministries and Partners to simplify the collection and delivery of school data. This data is transferred safely and securely to provide the end-user with the information that they need to support learning and the delivery of services into schools. Our product helps you get the most from your school data and education apps, connecting MIS data for local authorities and schools to deliver to our partners.



The solutions we offer to cover payments in schools want to save staff members’ time and free them of the responsibility of keeping large amounts of money in school premises. We make it easy for schools to provide a cashless service for parents and guardians when paying for trips, uniforms, lunches, clubs and other core transactional services. The payment process is made easy and quick thanks to our app solutions, which also give parents and guardians the option to pay in instalments.


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