Claire Orange Forging The Path In Protecting & Preparing Our Children Online

03 Mar 2022

Claire Orange Forging The Path In Protecting & Preparing Our Children Online

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Claire Orange Forging The Path In Protecting & Preparing Our Children Online

With over 25 years of working with children, 14 co-authored books, and four boisterous boys of her own, it’s no wonder parents around the globe are turning to Claire Orange for world class parenting advice.

Beginning her career in speach pathology, Claire knew early on that her passion lay in teaching kids how to become happier, healthier and safer with actionable skills they can take into adulthood.

“I am passionate about helping chlidren and parents to be the best version of themselves they can be – not by avoiding the inevitable ‘touch stuff’ in life, but by stepping up and managing it and developing life resilience’ – Claire Orange

It’s Claire’s latest project, DiGii Social, which is generating the most excited chatter amongst parents, teachers and prinicpals alike.

DiGii Social is a world first cyber education solution providing a platform for school-aged children that looks and feels like Facebook, but with the assistance of AI technology that moderates unsafe online behaviour. With every keystroke, upload, or GIF, children are guided to understand the impact of their content – on themselves and others.

Like many great innovations, DiGii Social was born out of a desire to change people’s lives for the better. After counselling endless families from trauma caused by social media, Claire made a promise to the family of a young boy who had taken his own life that she would find a solution.

Through interactions, moderations, prompts, challenges and curated tutorials, every child is guranteed to learn skills that work to protect and prepare them in the real-life digital world.

If you ask Claire what drives her to make change, it’s the alarming statistics that our children are encountering everyday:

  • 69% of 13 year old boys have encountered pornographic content
  • 53% of kids have experienced cyberbullying firsthand or as a bystander
  • 49% of school-aged peers have shared self-generated nudes or have knowledge of sexting
  • 80% of children have two social media accounts by the age of 12 (including gaming programs that allow chat features)

So far, this state-of-the-art program has made its way into over 60 Australian schools and is breaking ground in the UK, with teachers praising the the program for its easy implementation into teaching plans.

The Year 6 pupils were immediately engaged. Very quickly, we saw the programme start to work. It was great to see them have fun and learn really important lessons.” – Joanna C, Framingham College UK



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