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Global Equality Collective

Previously an award-winning Advanced Skills Teacher and Harvard author,
‘TechnoTeachers’ (2014), Nic Ponsford is now a recognised EdTech thought
leader and frequent keynote speaker.

Headhunted by the Dfe for central roles during the pandemic, Nic currently works with a
range of organisations including Leeds Beckett University, Microlink, Edtech UK and is
studying for a doctorate in education.

She is the founder of the multi-award-winning, Global Equality Collective (GEC).
The GEC is a global grassroots movement of over 15k changemakers and a ‘Collective’ of
400+ DEI subject matter experts. The GEC launched the “world’s first DEI app” for education
in 2022 and, since launching, has reached hundreds of schools & colleges, across 20
countries - impacting on 170,000+ students, globally.

Nic is recognised as one of Europe's top 50 women in tech through the
#InspiringFiftyEurope2022 award, gained a Rising Star Award for Education and Academia
and has just been shortlisted as BETT 2023 ‘Innovator of the Year’.
Nic believes technology is the equaliser for our time.


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