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European Edtech Alliance (EEA)

The European Edtech Alliance (EEA) is a consortium of national trade and sector associations and clusters representing more than 2.600 providers of education technology (Edtech) across 20 countries in Europe. The mission of the EEA is to encourage cross-border cooperation and education innovation in Europe supporting both the domestic and international growth of Edtech and strengthen the pan-European Edtech ecosystem s. The Alliance has two areas of focus: policy and support. The aim of our policy work centers around the collation of best practice and methodology data across Europe to evidence and champion the efficacy and relevance of Edtech. Through this work, the EEA is a core member of the EU Commission’s round table on Edtech and the work of both the Council of Europe and UNESCO’s Broadband Commission. The EEA’s work with the start-up sector focuses on building meaningful networking and related opportunities designed to help start-ups innovate, thrive and scale.

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