Education Resources

Education Resources

  • This panel of education thought leaders explore how schools can leverage cloud-enabled solutions now and tomorrow, and what the growth of the metaverse might mean for the future of education.
  • Full Faculty of Education course brochure

    13 Dec 2021 University of Buckingham
    Our full brochure containing details of all our Education programmes including our PGCEs with QTS, online Master's programmes and EdD.
  • Dynabook E10-S

    13 Dec 2021 Lee Pearce
    The Satellite Pro E10-S is an affordable laptop tailor-made to meet the needs of pupils and IT teams alike
  • Screen Time During COVID

    07 Dec 2021 Maple Bear Global Schools
    How much screen time is too much screen time for children? Maple Bear will address this very relevant topic that has generated concern among families, particularly during quarantine.
  • GoTechUp: ArtecRobo

    25 Nov 2021 Artec Co., Ltd.
    An innovative Online Robot Programming Simulation Software with a comprehensive programming curriculum. Try it here: URL: Username: BettLondon Password: Artec
  • The COVID-19 pandemic has greatly disrupted the traditional mode of face-to-face education. But it has also hastened teaching innovation, collaboration and discussions on the future of education.
  • Puffin Maths

    23 Nov 2021 JellyJames Publishing
    Puffin Maths is the first structured maths intervention program that supports children who are deaf and hard of hearing with 600+ steps BSL sign language modules.
  • Dynamo Maths Assessment and Intervention

    23 Nov 2021 JellyJames Publishing
    Evidence based Dynamo Maths - Specialist Dyscalculia and Maths Developmental Delays - Assessment and Intervention
  • The lack of in-person lab learning during the pandemic has fuelled a concerning learning loss, but universities that adopted innovative science simulations supplements have seen impressive results
  • School budgets continue to be placed under more pressure than every before. Our most recent guide looks at:
  • Why do you need a business case? Identifying the problem and areas to focus on are all included in this guide.
  • School budget planning

    18 Nov 2021 Access Education
    How to plan and forecast your school budget effectively.
  • This report is an unmissable read for all. With industry experts, national research, and guidance on all things ‘wellbeing’ within your school or trust. 
  • Running a school, academy or trust means dealing with a lot of different demands, from finance and payroll to people management and compliance.
  • Created for headteachers and management teams in schools, academies and multi-academy trusts (MATS). 
  • A magic cure? An audit report

    18 Nov 2021 Access Education
    All academies and trusts are required to produce an annual report and accounts which have been independently audited and submit them with the auditor’s report to the ESFA and Companies House.
  • How the right tools can help you work more efficiently and save money.
  • Dissection Teaching Resources

    20 Oct 2021 Samples for Schools Ltd
    Lesson Plans, Risk Assessments & Dissection Video Demonstrations. We are building a library of teaching resources to support biology teachers to perform dissections with their students.
  • Higher Education Guide

    20 Oct 2021 Dynabook
    Dynabook Higher Education Guide
  • Reciprocal reading sample year six

    10 Jul 2021 Reading On Your Head
    A sample reciprocal reading worksheet for year six pupils.
  • Reading comprehension sample year one

    10 Jul 2021 Reading On Your Head
    A sample reading comprehension for year one pupils.
  • Reciprocal reading sample year four

    10 Jul 2021 Reading On Your Head
    A sample reciprocal reading worksheet for year four pupils.
  • Reciprocal reading sample year two

    10 Jul 2021 Reading On Your Head
    A sample reciprocal reading worksheet for year two pupils.
  • Reading comprehension sample year five

    10 Jul 2021 Reading On Your Head
    A sample reading comprehension for year five pupils.
  • Reading comprehension sample year three

    10 Jul 2021 Reading On Your Head
    A sample reading comprehension for year three pupils.
  • Pet Monster Rescue - Free Python Lessons: This collection of assignments is from the technology project, TechnoPython. Follow the instructions to design a program that finds loving homes for monsters.
  • BenQ x Oak National Academy Resources

    03 Mar 2021 BenQ & Oak National Academy
    BenQ has partnered with Oak National Academy, an organisation providing free online classroom resources in the UK.
  • On 10th Febraury 2021 we are holding the next in our series of webinars for those looking for more information on GCSEPod. 
  • Grow Digital Engagement with ClassLink

    09 Feb 2021 Mary Batiwalla Director of Evaluation Analytics at ClassLink and Alex Poon Data Scientist at ClassLink
    Last year we shared data highlighting the remote learning experiences of ClassLink schools in the spring of 2020. With the fall semester complete, we revisited ClassLink Analytics data.
  • Science formula and symbol support

    19 Jan 2021 GCSEPod & Association of Science in Education (ASE)
    Teacher guidance, student step-by-step guide and a blank grid template. Physics Formula and Symbols Support Resources: The maths in physics can be very daunting, but it’s simple when you know how!
  • Sometimes, the step up for students into KS4 & 5 is daunting. We have collated the key themes and topics needed for a whole host of subjects in KS4 & 5 to mitigate the jump and cement choices.
  • Interleaving = strengthen memory Spaced practice = ensure information sticks Retrieval Practice = help students recall information How students can get to grips with knowledge retention.

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