Free CPD webinar programme for leaders and NQTs/RQTs

Free CPD webinar programme for leaders and NQTs/RQTs

BlueSky in collaboration with CST and NTA

BlueSky professional learning platform combined with expert facilitation enables leaders and teachers to experience and evidence quality professional learning directly relevant to the current need.

Our offer will enable participants uniquely to evidence their professional learning and register impact in their own professional portfolio, thus building a picture of the professional engagements they have undertaken and the relevance and impact it has had both on their own practice and the needs of their teams and schools. They will also have the opportunity to engage in wider networks within the BlueSky community, sharing best practice and learning from others.

By registering for one or more webinars, participants will be part of a rich and diverse programme of support that will utilise the skills and knowledge of some of the very best specialists in the sector, including Professor Rob Coe and Professor Daniel Muijs.

BlueSky are providing free access to a 'lite' version of their platform for non-BlueSky members so that everyone who is interested can participate regardless if their organisation is a BlueSky member. This offer is not limited to the COVID-19 period, the free portfolio will be a feature of BlueSky's offer going forward.

The programme includes webinars specifically designed for school leaders, as well as for NQTs and RQTs.

"I am really pleased to bring this offer to CST members as well as the NQTs and early career teachers we support through NTA. I'd like to thank our expert facilitators who are offering their time free of charge as a way of building sector capacity during the pandemic." Leora Cruddas, CEO, Confederation of School Trusts

"BlueSky is delighted to be partnering with Confederation of School Trusts to bring this unique offer to leaders and teachers. This unique offer will support school leaders and teachers in working through the challenges that will lay ahead as we recover from the impact of COVID-19. A tailored programme of expertly delivered CPD, access to curated resources to enrich and support, an ongoing dialogue between participants during the programme and the ability to evidence the professional learning provide an exceptional opportunity for our leaders and teachers. The launch of our free BlueSky portfolio enables professional learning and its impact to be captured and personalised at a time when the challenge for personal professional development could not be more acute, whether a Trust Leader or an early careers teacher." Denise Inwood, Founder and Managing Director of BlueSky

It's easy to register – either through the Training area in BlueSky for BlueSky members or for non-BlueSky members via 


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