Digital Kids / Digital Teens Sample Lessons

Digital Kids / Digital Teens Sample Lessons

Binary Logic S.A. SH31

BinaryAcademy_Sampler_2020.pdf is our main leaflet with key information and three complete modules from different grades. We have also uploaded the Spanish edition: BinaryAcademy_Sampler_2020_ES.pdf

BinaryAcademy_TeachingResources_2020.pdf contains sample lesson plans, worksheets and self-evaluation sheets for one lesson for each grade. The pages of the Student’s Books for these sample lessons are in the Sample lessons from Student's Books. The same leaflet in Spanish: BinaryAcademy_TeachingResources_2020_ES.pdf

DigitalKids_2nd_ScopeSequence.pdf and DigitalTeens_2nd_ScopeSequence.pdf are detailed descriptions of our curriculum for all levels. Coding-robotics_syllabus_Sep_2020.pdf is the overview of our graded syllabus for Coding and Robotics.

DK-DT Adherence to ISTE Student Standards.xlsx contains examples of our content from different grades that support all new ISTE standards for students. If you need the adherence with other standards, let us know.'

Ask for demo student accounts for all grades to login ( to have a look at what the students can access including all the ebooks (main textbooks and coding/robotics ebooks). An overview of our online resources is in the BinaryAcademy_Online_Platforms_Leaflet.pdf.


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