Education Resources

Education Resources

  • STEM Afterschool programme workshop

    28 Mar 2022 RoboThink Discovery Center @ Stanmore (HA7) - Danny Park
    The RoboThink Difference Through the RoboThink robotics kit and entertaining lesson plans, students learn about engineering, programming, and digital literacy.  
  • When it comes to screen time, there’s a minefield of advice out there – from parents, teachers, and other experts. 
  • A huge thank you to Eowyn Crisfield for joining me for today’s ‘fireside chat’, all about improving the learning experiences of bilingual and multilingual learners.  
  • Careers Software and Educational Solutions

    22 Mar 2022 iungo Solutions
    Not just a career information resource but a whole career planning system
  • Start using Wakelet

    21 Mar 2022 Teijas
    For ideas and templates on how to get started, visit
  • This is an example of a mathematics randomised activity. To test a bunch of activities on "Time" : - - -
  • VR Simulators. Tools that support and enhance educational processes. They are an excellent tool for practical tasks when access to a real-world environment is impossible, expensive, or dangerous.
  • Curriculum Aligned Lesson Plans

    03 Mar 2022 DiGii Social
    DiGii Social’s educational  content is extensive and delves into all aspects of cyber social and emotional wellbeing, online safety, and media literacy. 
  • Digital Parenting Blogs

    03 Mar 2022 Claire Orange - DiGii Social Founder
    Tap into our weekly blogs to give you an insight into digital parenting and helping your child to always be safe, moral and upstanding online.
  • How might we enhance pupils’ digital input during lessons? Read our case study and learn more  
  • Students at Witton Park have Chromebooks without a touchscreen or stylus. This limits the use of tools in some lessons, in particular STEAM subjects.
  • Unleash the power of maker education

    18 Feb 2022 Maker's Red Box
    HOW TO THRIVE IN WORLD 4.0?  If there’s something the coronavirus pandemic has made abundantly clear, it is that digital education is more than just moving the classroom to Zoom. 
  • This panel of education thought leaders explore how schools can leverage cloud-enabled solutions now and tomorrow, and what the growth of the metaverse might mean for the future of education.
  • Safeguarding Guide

    14 Feb 2022 Jonny
    Download now to learn everything about the best safeguarding practice including: Online Safety Policies Filtering and Monitoring Online Safeguarding Education Cyber-Security and Data protection
  • School Broadband Guide

    14 Feb 2022 Jonny Avery
    Download now to learn: Why speed and reliability are important for Schools What features a quality broadband system will have What questions Governors should be asking Technology and Services
  • Dr Sadie Hollins, Editor of  the new Wellbeing in International Schools Magazine takes a look at how schools can enhance wellbeing in schools.
  • VRWARE Meta Classroom

    17 Dec 2021 Globepoint Inc.
    VRWARE Meta Classroom
  • Experience the power of Empathy Week by watching Pete's story from Empathy Week 2021. Resources are age-differentiated for ages 5-18.    
  • Enabling EdTech Adoption

    16 Dec 2021 Whizz Education
    Enabling EdTech Adoption Numeracy insights from Project Imlango in Kenya
  • Winter Activity Pack

    16 Dec 2021 Whizz Education
    Discover our fun maths games and activities
  • 5 Elements for Cyber Resilience

    16 Dec 2021 Carbonite + Webroot, OpenText security solutions
    Learn the steps you should take to be fully cyber resilient and the solutoins Carbonite + Webroot can provide to protect your institution. 
  • The State of Cybersecurity in the Education Sector

    16 Dec 2021 Carbonite + Webroot, OpenText companies
    Read this short whotepaper on the state of cybersecuirty in the eduaction sector and how Carbonite + Webroot can help protect your learning environment. 
  • Welbee have just published the results of our national staff wellbeing survey. Nearly 8000 UK staff members took part, including teachers, support staff and leaders.
  • GOLA Report: Addressing Learning Recovery: Strategies for Numeracy & Literacy Outcomes from a Meeting of 28 African Countries
  • BasicLanguageX

    14 Dec 2021 LUDO-VIC
    Ludo-Vic creates educational Apps ( serious game/video ) that teach the basics of any "target language"  to people speaking any "source language", be they scripted or not.  
  • Leeds Beckett University

    14 Dec 2021 Extreme Networks
    Leeds Beckett University Modernized Campus Infrastructure with Extreme Networks
  • Dynabook E10-S

    13 Dec 2021 Lee Pearce
    The Satellite Pro E10-S is an affordable laptop tailor-made to meet the needs of pupils and IT teams alike
  • Learn about how you can achieve more as a MAT with Microsoft Teams and SharePoint. 
  • Smashed Online

    08 Dec 2021 Collingwood Learning Solutions Ltd.
    An immersive, interactive, cinematic journey into the lives of 3 teenagers; exploring the causes and consequences of underage drinking.
  • Ofsted Survival Guide

    08 Dec 2021 Holly Carlyle
    Ofsted Survival Guide 
  • Screen Time During COVID

    07 Dec 2021 Maple Bear Global Schools
    How much screen time is too much screen time for children? Maple Bear will address this very relevant topic that has generated concern among families, particularly during quarantine.

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