Education Resources

Education Resources

  • This panel of education thought leaders explore how schools can leverage cloud-enabled solutions now and tomorrow, and what the growth of the metaverse might mean for the future of education.
  • School Broadband Guide

    14 Feb 2022 Jonny Avery
    Download now to learn: Why speed and reliability are important for Schools What features a quality broadband system will have What questions Governors should be asking Technology and Services
  • Safeguarding Guide

    14 Feb 2022 Jonny
    Download now to learn everything about the best safeguarding practice including: Online Safety Policies Filtering and Monitoring Online Safeguarding Education Cyber-Security and Data protection
  • VRWARE Meta Classroom

    17 Dec 2021 Globepoint Inc.
    VRWARE Meta Classroom
  • Enabling EdTech Adoption

    16 Dec 2021 Whizz Education
    Enabling EdTech Adoption Numeracy insights from Project Imlango in Kenya
  • Winter Activity Pack

    16 Dec 2021 Whizz Education
    Discover our fun maths games and activities
  • Welbee have just published the results of our national staff wellbeing survey. Nearly 8000 UK staff members took part, including teachers, support staff and leaders.
  • GOLA Report: Addressing Learning Recovery: Strategies for Numeracy & Literacy Outcomes from a Meeting of 28 African Countries
  • Dynabook E10-S

    13 Dec 2021 Lee Pearce
    The Satellite Pro E10-S is an affordable laptop tailor-made to meet the needs of pupils and IT teams alike
  • Full Faculty of Education course brochure

    13 Dec 2021 University of Buckingham
    Our full brochure containing details of all our Education programmes including our PGCEs with QTS, online Master's programmes and EdD.
  • Learn about how you can achieve more as a MAT with Microsoft Teams and SharePoint. 
  • Ofsted Survival Guide

    08 Dec 2021 Holly Carlyle
    Ofsted Survival Guide 
  • Screen Time During COVID

    07 Dec 2021 Maple Bear Global Schools
    How much screen time is too much screen time for children? Maple Bear will address this very relevant topic that has generated concern among families, particularly during quarantine.
  • The International School of Luxembourg (ISL) aimed to future-proof their network by deploying Wi-Fi 6 access points in order to support the 1:1 student-device ratio.
  • IPEVO Visualizer Software

    01 Dec 2021 IPEVO
    IPEVO Visualizer is the free IPEVO software that allows you to display the video feed from your IPEVO Visualiser and/or webcam onto your computer/tablet. 
  • St. John’s Primary School, based in the United Kingdom, saw an opportunity to improve their connectivity once their previous solution was approaching its end of life.
  • IPEVO iDocCam

    01 Dec 2021 IPEVO
    IPEVO iDocCam is an app that allows users to use their smartphone's camera as a visualiser for capturing live instructions or physical materials and then projecting them onto a big screen for viewing.
  • With Cambium-Xirrus Wi-Fi solutions, Trafford College covered the new facility and the refectory using fewer devices, cable runs and switch ports, resulting in a significantly reduced cost.

    01 Dec 2021 IPEVO
    IPEVO WHITEBOARD is the app for your IPEVO wireless visualiser if you are using it with an iPad or Android tablet. You can also use it as a blank canvas for collaborative learning.
  • GoTechUp: ArtecRobo

    25 Nov 2021 Artec Co., Ltd.
    An innovative Online Robot Programming Simulation Software with a comprehensive programming curriculum. Try it here: URL: Username: BettLondon Password: Artec
  • The COVID-19 pandemic has greatly disrupted the traditional mode of face-to-face education. But it has also hastened teaching innovation, collaboration and discussions on the future of education.
  • Puffin Maths

    23 Nov 2021 JellyJames Publishing
    Puffin Maths is the first structured maths intervention program that supports children who are deaf and hard of hearing with 600+ steps BSL sign language modules.
  • Dynamo Maths Assessment and Intervention

    23 Nov 2021 JellyJames Publishing
    Evidence based Dynamo Maths - Specialist Dyscalculia and Maths Developmental Delays - Assessment and Intervention
  • The lack of in-person lab learning during the pandemic has fuelled a concerning learning loss, but universities that adopted innovative science simulations supplements have seen impressive results
  • Dissection Teaching Resources

    20 Oct 2021 Samples for Schools Ltd
    Lesson Plans, Risk Assessments & Dissection Video Demonstrations. We are building a library of teaching resources to support biology teachers to perform dissections with their students.
  • Higher Education Guide

    20 Oct 2021 Dynabook
    Dynabook Higher Education Guide
  • Wall Art Ideas Book

    06 Oct 2021 Promote Your School
    Welcome to the 6th edition of our Wall Art Ideas Book – a virtual journey through a world of wonder!
  • Humanoid robots are characterised by their human form and behaviour. This paper evaluates their benefits in the classroom.   
  • Reading comprehension sample year three

    10 Jul 2021 Reading On Your Head
    A sample reading comprehension for year three pupils.
  • Reciprocal reading sample year six

    10 Jul 2021 Reading On Your Head
    A sample reciprocal reading worksheet for year six pupils.
  • Reading comprehension sample year one

    10 Jul 2021 Reading On Your Head
    A sample reading comprehension for year one pupils.
  • Reciprocal reading sample year four

    10 Jul 2021 Reading On Your Head
    A sample reciprocal reading worksheet for year four pupils.

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