White paper | Hybrid Learning Strategies for Educators

01 Jan 2022

White paper | Hybrid Learning Strategies for Educators

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A successful hybrid learning environment requires a different strategy
compared to purely on-site or remote education. Teachers face new
challenges when it comes to instruction, organization and student
contact. At the same time, hybrid learning can promote engagement,
learning successes and 21st-century skills.

We have put together hands-on tips and guidelines for building an
empowering and sustainable hybrid-learning model. We hope this will
inspire your daily teaching practice and encourage you to look at the
bright side of the crisis: the side where opportunities await.


In this white paper, you will learn:

βœ” How to focus on what students need in a hybrid learning environment?

βœ” How to help teachers set up their classrooms for hybrid learning success?

βœ” how should schools organize their education in a sustainable way?


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