VINU Brochure

14 Jan 2022

VINU Brochure

PROBO EDU Co., LTD. Hall: Bett Hall Stand: NK41

AI VINU is the world’s one and only micromini unplugged LCD coding robot.
Unplugged refers to learning activities that improve computer-based scientific thinking without a computer, and AI VINU has been created under the conceptual motto of: “Let’s learn coding like a fun game- through VINU with no smartphones or PCs!”
AI VINU can be used broadly, from preschoolers to elementary and middle school students, featuring appealing elements that can’t be found in existing unplugged robots, including the built-in LCD, exclusive activity sheet, and 180+ contents.

The chapters are divided into missions, allowing kids to feel like they’re leveling up in a game, and the coding results can also be reviewed and analyzed by themselves. The sense of achievement felt every time they clear a mission becomes the driving force, leading to a continued use of “VINU.”


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