Securing positive outcomes for all learners.

16 Mar 2022

Securing positive outcomes for all learners.

PAGS Stand: NK80

The profile PAGS® builds of the child is based on international child development standards, and recommends internationally recognised exercises and resources, which can be adapted by individual teachers and parents. 

Produces personalised quality first teaching strategies

PAGS creates bespoke quality first teaching strategies to support an individuals learning needs.  PAGS strategies can be applied solely within the school setting or in collaboration:  with parents, teachers, external professionals.

Focusses on progress from each learners starting point

PAGS is a live tool providing immediate access to personalised learning profiles, plans, targets and outcomes.  Progress can be tracked daily, empowering learners fulfil their potential, raise their self perception as a learner and be ready to take on the next challenge.

Designed by teachers and psychologists

PAGS® has been designed and researched by specialists in Special Educational Needs ‘best practice’.





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