How to improve staff wellbeing

15 Dec 2021

How to improve staff wellbeing

Welbee Hall: Bett Hall Stand: NJ31

Why improve staff wellbeing?

The impact of poor staff wellbeing on your school will be significant.

If staff are weighed down by stress and workload, feel like they lack a voice and are just not motivated – how can they perform at their best and help your students do the same?

To achieve the school and student outcomes you want, put staff and their wellbeing first and evidence proven benefits will follow!

That’s why Welbee was created; to systemise how you improve staff wellbeing and to allow you to use anonymous and honest staff feedback to make improvements where it matters most.

Running a staff wellbeing survey, just like Welbee Survey, and effectively following up, will mean you meet many of the commitments within the new DfE Education Staff Wellbeing Charter and also gain the evidence you need to meet inspection requirements in relation to Ofsted’s leadership and management judgment.



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