Create 3 Educational Robot

15 Mar 2022

Create 3 Educational Robot

iRobot Hall: Bett Hall Stand: SB21

Build and test robotics applications

The new and improved version of its popular predecessor, the Create® 3 provides a full suite of modules, sensors, LED lights, and wheels to fuel robotics exploration.

Multi-language software support

Learn using ROS 2, the industry-standard software for roboticists worldwide. Or leverage the iRobot Coding App and the iRobot Education Python 3 SDK for increased access to robotics education and research.

Operational out of the box

Program, connect to, and control the Create® 3 educational robot out of the box with an easy onboarding process. Communicate with the robot using Wi-Fi, Ethernet over USB, or Bluetooth® Low Energy technology.

Equipped with smart technology

Affordably develop scalable robotics projects with the Create® 3 robot’s combination of intelligent sensors and actuators. The robot comes with a Home Base® charging station for docked charging.

Educator resources available

Explore the iRobot Education learning library for tutorials and sample projects, or venture into expansive, online open source databases for access to software packages and libraries in ROS 2 or Python 3.


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