Adaptive-Media Interview Coach

19 Mar 2023

Adaptive-Media Interview Coach

Adapt International Hall: Bett Hall Stand: FS6

A-dapt launched Adaptive-media®, an innovative digital format that adapts video to people in real-time based upon how they appear and react, in much the same way that humans instinctively adapt to each other. Our technology analyses human factors such as attention, positivity and facial expressions. We combine this analysis with interactive video to create a new method of screen-based learning. Not to be confused with facial recognition, our format uses browser-based Edge AI, that does send personal data to a server and is fully GDPR compliant. Adaptive-media® is a new type of immersive experience that has applications in education, health, entertainment and other sectors. In 2020, A-dapt won 3 Innovate UK grants and has been nominated for Innovator of the Year Award at the BETT 2022 Awards.


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