Bett 2022 Suppliers Brochures

Bett 2022 Suppliers Brochures

  • Adaptive-Media Interview Coach

    19 Mar 2023 A-dapt International Ltd
    The Adaptive-media® Interview Coach which has been created to help disadvantaged young adults perform better in interviews.
  • A-dapt at Bett 2022

    19 Mar 2023 A-dapt International Ltd
    The Adaptive-media® Interview Coach 
  • RoboThink Franchise Oppurtunity

    26 Mar 2022 Danny Park
    RoboThink is the largest STEM Education Franchise in the world educating 50,000+ children in 21st century skills. RoboThink franchises are present in every major market across 15+ countries and our fa ...
  • The Right Computer for Learning & Teaching

    24 Mar 2022 Marinace Leanne
  • AcadeMe+ One Pager

    23 Mar 2022
    AcadeMe+, a bett award 2022 finalist, ofers film-based interactive lessons for schools and higher ed. Available globally, we supply all teachers' needs to hold film-based lessons: a vast Hollywood fil ...
  • Springpod's Guide to Work Experience

    23 Mar 2022 Springpod
  • Halchax ESET Bett Show 2022 Brochure

    22 Mar 2022 Halchax IT Solutions
  • Maths Kitchen & FurtherED brochure

    22 Mar 2022 James Willmott
  • About Rockerbox News

    22 Mar 2022 Rockerbox News
    An introduction to Rockerbox News, our non-fiction literacy improvement solution for your whole school.
  • The Adaptive-Media® Interview Coach - Pricing Options

    21 Mar 2022 A-dapt International Ltd
    The Adaptive-Media® Interview Coach
  • Bundle

    21 Mar 2022 Blocksi
  • Eleda brochure

    21 Mar 2022 KDetude
    Eleda is the only one to offer to schools and teachers tools for building randomised multilingual activities working on online or offline and to share them in an open community.
  • Admin Dashboard datasheets

    21 Mar 2022 Blocksi
  • Root Coding Robots Comparison

    20 Mar 2022 Daniella Bonazzoli
    Root brings to life iRobot’s passion for using robots to empower people and is a perfect companion to cross curricular learning. 
  • Reading On Your Head flyer

    20 Mar 2022 Reading On Your Head
    We love what we do and we love promoting reading and driving improvements in reading achievement - in and out of school!   Get in touch and let us revolutionise reading for you!
  • Intel SFI Infographic

    19 Mar 2022 Intel Education
    This graphic illustrates how the Intel Skills for Innovation framework provides technology recommendations and tools to support decision makers and educators as they develop, try, and implement their  ...
  • Intel Skills for Innovation Solution Brief

    19 Mar 2022 Intel Education
    This two-pager provides an  overview of the Intel Skills for Innovation vision for the future of education—a world in which students learn essential skills for success in the 4th Industrial Revolution ...
  • Intel SFI Case Study Ovington

    19 Mar 2022 Intel Education
    Educators at the Ovington School in Brooklyn, New York share their perspectives about Intel Skills for Innovation Professional Development, learning how to create tech-infused, authentic learning expe ...
  • Intel SFI Initiative Overview

    19 Mar 2022 Intel Education
    This overview provides a detailed description of the Intel Skills for Innovation framework and how it can guide decision makers and educators in adopting technology to support skill building and stude ...
  • Intel SFI Starter Pack Brochure

    19 Mar 2022 Intel Education
    This 2-pager introduces the Intel Skills for Innovation Starter Pack, an expanding set of hands-on activities with  pre-designed learning experiences to help educators redefine how technology can be u ...

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