Who attends?

Who attends?

Ahead by Bett is the destination for Higher Education Leaders to come together with their peers and the world’s leading EdTech’s to learn, network and trade.

Our content spaces provide an opportunity for Senior Leadership, Heads of Faculty, Technology Leads and Heads of Research and Innovation to congregate and tackle the plethora of business and pedagogical challenges faced by the sector today.

HE Senior Leadership

Job titles: Chancellor, Dean, Registrar, Chief Information Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Vice-Chancellor, Provost, Rector, Bursar, Head of Procurement

Key challenges to be addressed at the show:

  • Ensuring suitability, sustainability and compliance across institution infrastructure, including cybersecurity, research and innovation, procurement and management

  • Harnessing the power of partnerships across institutions, businesses and research facilities to expand the learner journey

  • Generating income through effective student recruitment and by providing an exceptional student experience

HE Technology Lead

Job titles: Chief Information Officer, Chief Security Information Officer, IT Director, Head / Director of Transformation, Head of Digital Literacy, Director of Technology, Chief Technology Officer, Head of Digital Strategy, Estates & Building Management

Key challenges to be addressed at the show:

  • Evaluating and comparing different solutions for improving learning outcomes from an IT procurement perspective

  • Protecting the institution from potential security risks and planning for disaster recovery

  • Recording, managing and analysing student data by maintaining an integrated digital strategy

Faculty Lead

Job titles: Head of Faculty, Dean, Head of Department, Head of Subject, Director of Studies, Disability Advisor, Head of Student Success

Key challenges to be addressed at the show:

  • Identifying solutions to improve learning outcomes and allocating budget to departmental needs

  • Ensuring students are engaged, self-directed learners in both physical and digital spaces

  • Managing increased workload in blended learning structures across assessment, coaching and collaboration

HE Technology Lead

Job titles: Learning Technologist, IT Manager, Digital Learning Manager, Technology Enhanced Learning Officer, Student Officer, Professor, Lecturers

Key challenges to be addressed at the show:

  • By helping me explore different solutions for student engagement which deliver true value to the learner

  • By showcasing different approaches to common challenges such as managing student data, providing a quality student experience and reframing assessment to recognise lifelong skills

  • By ensuring that students have access to a personalised learning experience through the use of assistive technology and artificial intelligence

  • By helping me find solutions within the constraints of existing budgets and infrastructure

  • By providing case studies on achieving higher learning outcomes through the effective use of technology both in person and online

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