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The magic of peer learning for digital skilling

26 Jan 2024
Ahead - Auditorium
Skills , Higher Education
With the quickly evolving technological landscape, the boundaries of teachers' and students' roles are becoming blurred: students often bring new perspectives, while teachers have to learn new things fast to stay relevant. 42 London is a free, non-profit programming school targeting diverse communities and offering a possibility of digital upskilling ' increasingly instrumental to success in any professional arena ' and professional requalification into software development. During this session, three ex-students from the 42 Network will join CEO Bronwyn Kunhardt to discuss their experiences with peer learning in the context of digital skills and future of work. The session will look at a world where students inspire and guide each other in their learning journey, leveraging the expertise within their own community. A world where students become both learners and educators, fostering a culture of collaboration, curiosity, and continuous learning.
Bronwyn Kunhardt, Co-Director/ Co-Founder - 42 London/ Polecat
Louise Nobes, Purpose Warrior, Founder & CEO - 42 Adelaide/Kik Innovation
Yassir Touab, Pedagogy and IT - 42 London
Guillian Hernandez, Pedagogy and IT - 42 London
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