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Building an AI taskforce in your institution

26 Jan 2024
Ahead - Auditorium
Diversity & Inclusion , Innovation , Higher Education
There's a lot more to artificial intelligence than just ChatGPT. The range of AI-powered tools is growing apace, and familiar tools are being supercharged by the application of data and machine learning. How can we capitalise on the possibilities for efficiency savings and new ways of doing things whilst minimising the risks? Taking as a starting point the AI institutional preparedness checklist under development by the 1EdTech community, a member-led non-profit partnership, we'll be looking at why you need a diverse team with different perspectives to cover all bases from institutional values and pedagogic practice through to privacy policies, procurement practice, research ethics and more.
Gill Ferrell, Program Director 1EdTech Europe; Relationship Manager EUNIS - 1EdTech/EUNIS
Professor Perry Hobson, Director - Breda University
Ugne Litvinaite, Research Assistant - LSE Eden Centre
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