Bett 2022 Suppliers Videos

Bett 2022 Suppliers Videos

  • Bee-Bot Lesson Idea 3 from TTS Group

    15 Dec 2020 TTS Group LTD
    Bee-Bot Lesson Idea 3 Available at TTS. Interact with other Bee-Bots® and Blue-Bots® Record audio to play back to confirm when commands are entered Audio playback when Bee-Bot® follows commands
  • TTS Light Up Sensory Room From TTS Group

    15 Dec 2020 TTS Group LTD
    lluminate your block play with this innovative set of 12 rechargeable, sturdy bricks that will light up when shaken. Children of all ages will enjoy using this innovative, rechargeable and fascinating ...
  • Calming Cat from TTS Group

    15 Dec 2020 TTS Group LTD
    This engaging, huggable, tactile cat, helps to facilitate conversations with children about their feelings, thoughts and behaviours, as well as offering coping strategies. Developed by an Educational ...
  • Save money when you buy your Rugged Robot and Tactile Reader together. Student's will benefit from being able to program Rugged Robot in an easy to understand, tactile way. Teachers will benefit from ...
  • At Promote Your School, we have over 20 years’ experience in education. So we’re well placed to advise on every aspect of your Wall Art project.  
  • Ensuring Your Education Content is Culturally Repsonsive

    07 Dec 2020 Westchester Education Services
    Members of the Westchester Education Services team explain how they work with education publishers to review, update, or create new content that ensures the principles of diversity, equity, and inclus ...
  • Moderator Walter Henderson, Senior Supervising Editor of ELT for Westchester Education Services leads a discussion with writers Beth O'Brien and Pamela Tuck about the importance of creating content fo ...
  • Over the past months, schools adjusted to the reality of remote learning. Then, as students, teachers, and faculty members transitioned back to school, it was clear new methods would need to be adopte ...
  • Hadrian's Villa Reborn: South Theater

    15 Oct 2020 Flyover Zone Productions
    Take your students back in time to see an ancient Roman theater on the grounds of the government retreat at Tivoli, Italy known as Hadrian's Villa.
  • Westchester Education Services Overview

    14 Oct 2020 Westchester Education Services
    Learn about the product development services that Westchester Education Services provides for ed tech companies and education publishers.
  • Nilofer Ali, Resources Manager and DEI Committee Lead for Westchester Education Services, and Diane Rodriguez, Ph.D., Professor of Fordham University Graduate School of Education, Division of Curricul ...
  • Learnosity and Westchester Education Services

    29 Sep 2020 Westchester Education Services
    From the ASU-GSV 2020 Virtual Summit, a Westchester Education Services session with Neil McGough, Director, Technical Business Development & Support for Learnosity, and Dave Bailis, Senior Director of ...
  • With UVC light technology to disinfect the devices during charging. This UVC light can kill over 99.9% pathogens with one button to initiate UVC sterilization in a 3-minutes activation.
  • Webinar: Considerations for a Culturally Responsive Curriculum

    01 Sep 2020 Westchester Education Services
    Companies understand the importance of taking constructive action to ensure that their educational content is culturally responsive but may be uncertain what steps they should take to achieve this. Ou ...
  • LetsLocalise -

    04 Aug 2020 LetsLocalise
    We, at LetsLocalise, believe we have found an ingenious way of connecting schools to the fountain of goodwill that, historically, has proved challenging for headteachers to tap into. 
  • LetsLocalise Expert Time

    04 Aug 2020 LetsLocalise
    Our ‘Expert Time’ feature gives you the chance to help schools provide a richer, deeper and broader education that sets children up for the world beyond school.
  • LetsLocalise Helping Hand

    04 Aug 2020 LetsLocalise
    Helping Hand feature enables you to offer and seek support from local community.
  • Stone Education Solutions

    24 Jun 2020 Stone Computers
  • Stone 360 Recycling App

    10 Jun 2020 Stone Computers
    Find out more about our game-changing, Stone 360 IT recycling app that puts the power of green technology in your hands and rewards you for recycling your unwanted IT. You can also download the app on ...
  • Intervention

    20 May 2020 EDClass
    Our intervention system at EDClass is tailored to individual students. This allows students to receive a flexible learning pathway that is specific to them and targeting the educational needs.

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