Scale-Up! the business game

Scale-Up! the business game

Odoo s.a. Hall: Bett Hall Stand: SM31

At Odoo, we've noticed the challenge of preparing secondary and higher education students for working life. Most courses are filled with theories and sometimes lack practical examples. To fill in this gap, we created the game "Scale-Up!". 

Scale-Up! is a card game that helps students to learn how to run a company while having fun.
This business game is a great tool to support courses such as accounting, management, logistics, entrepreneurship, and more!

With 7 business cases simulated in Odoo's management software, students endorse the role of a CEO and organize the company flows.  With one single game, they will learn the basics of buying and selling but also how to run a store, sell services, manufacture products, use barcodes or even sell online.

Scale-Up! is played in 3 easy steps; Read the conversation that gives you the challenge from an employee. Try to solve the case on your Odoo database. Flip the card to see the solution and check if what you did made sense.

The 64-card game is free for any teachers who request it!



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