Welcome to Fonetti

Welcome to Fonetti

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When you’re a confident reader you have a solid foundation for life-long learning.... 

Yet the future of 200,000 children is at risk EVERY year because they’re not reaching their expected reading age by the end of primary school.

Children need engaging reading practise to build vocabulary, comprehension and a real passion for reading, and that’s where Fonetti steps in.

Fonetti is the fun, interactive reading practise platform for school and home. Kids use Fonetti independently. Grown ups love it because it’s safe and secure. 

In the Fonetti app, children read stories and curriculum-based books out loud. 

When they get the words right, the advanced speech recognition turns them green, and if they get stuck, they simply double tap for an audible clue. 

There’s immediate reading recognition, and rewards as they improve their accuracy and increase reading time. 

What’s more, Fonetti works with all UK accents, and where English is an additional language, and gives reluctant readers and SEN pupils a new, fun way to engage with reading.

Fonetti is the tablet app that;

  • Builds Confidence

  • Boosts literacy

  • Provides guilt-free, screen-time

  • Makes reading fun

And the Fonetti School Portal gives teachers access to realtime, accurate reading data so they can help where it’s needed most.

Like you, we’re passionate about CHILD LITERACY.

So, join the Fonetti Family today… Simply download the app to use at home, or book a schools demo if you’re a teacher... and let’s give children A FABULOUS FUTURE


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