VEX 123

VEX 123

VEX Robotics Hall: Bett Hall Stand: SK50

VEX 123 is a STEM learning tool for primary school children aged 4 and up.

Our free STEM Labs lesson plans integrate VEX 123 into your Maths, Science, Art, Design Technology and Computing curriculum.

VEX 123 can be programmed by pressing the buttons on the robot, by using the innovative Coder and Coder Cards or by using the Scratch Blocks-powered VEXcode 123 app on tablet devices, Chromebooks or Windows and Mac computers.

Classroom Bundles contain Robots and Coders, charging stations, fields and more. And all of this comes in handy storage bags making it easy to move from classroom to classroom.

Free training is available via the VEX Robotics Training Academy.

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