The Adaptive-media® Interview Coach

18 Feb 2022

The Adaptive-media® Interview Coach

Adapt International Hall: Bett Hall Stand: FS6

For many marginalised young people, job interviews can be a massive barrier. Nacro is one of the UK’s top education charities working with some of the UK’s most disadvantaged young people. They wanted to coach young people to do job interviews more effectively - in a non-threatening, cost effective and scalable way. So, they worked with A-dapt to create The Adaptive-Media® Interview coach, to teach young adults how to do job interviews and project the confidence they need to succeed. Students learn by answering questions with the help of dozens of interactions and real-life interview scenarios. They then test the skills they have learnt in an AI-based interview video simulator, where the device camera looks at the learner, just like a real interviewer would. The simulator lets students practice for job interviews by visualising their “attention” and “positivity“ by using Edge based-AI that works securely in the user’s browser. The innovation combines interactive video, with a live window for learners to see themselves and an innovative real-time feedback positivity and attention ‘bar’. The interview coach is 100% GDPR compliant and all student personal data stays securely in the browser. Nacro tested the interview coach with some of their students. After a standard one-hour session:


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