Tell Me Tales - The voice recognition storytelling app

19 Dec 2021

Tell Me Tales - The voice recognition storytelling app

Tell Me Tales Stand: NK71

Tell me tales is an app that allows parents to tell stories to their children in a uniquely magical way. As the parent tells the story, the words come to life and the tale appears on the screen as a 3D animated movie.

You can create a story by just saying it out loud. By the help of the built-in voice recognition, the magic immediately happens on your phone or tablet! You can also type in your story or click on one of the buttons that suggests different outcomes. Are you tired of making up a new story all by yourself? Don’t worry! Choose one of our many pre-written stories! Just click and read the story and it will appear on your screen. You can also involve children: they can tell their own stories or read along with you. How about editing your own fairy tale? Save your stories and then send them to us for sharing it with the world! Re-discover the power of storytelling and help develop your child's IQ, imagination, vocabulary and creativity. At Tell Me Tales we believe that personal presence, time and fun together will make children happy, calm and balanced which deserves all the effort.

Main features -Storytelling freely with the help of voice recognition and natural language processing -The tale appears as a 3D animation film on the screen -Pre-written stories -Voice recognition input -Type in input -Keyword input -35+ characters -15+ animals -60+ locations -220+ items -75+actions -Tale editor -Mini games COMING SOON: -Multilanguage -Tale recording and sharing -Multidevice support -Character customization

Tell Me Tales - and the magic happens!


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