Robobricks : Inspiring STEM stories brick by brick!

23 Dec 2020

Robobricks : Inspiring STEM stories brick by brick!

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Robobricks is an amazing new building and screen-free coding robot for children ages 4 to 9. The smart Robobricks blocks namely Brain block, Sensors, Motors, Sound & Light blocks are compatible with Duplo® | Mega Construx® | Morphun® | Lego® bricks for hands-on tactile play.

Research from Tufts & MIT, shows that Tangible Coding for kids ages 3 to 9 is best developmentally and most age appropriate. Children bring their robot to Life using our easy to use Tangible coding platform. "Fluid Play" enabled by Robobricks : This unique combination empowers children to explore magical, whimsical, imaginary worlds, seamlessly blending with real life and digital experiences. Making & Coding Simplified! Bringing your creations to Life!


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