Kinderpedia - Product Demo for Nurseries

Kinderpedia - Product Demo for Nurseries


Kinderpedia - Product Demo Video from Kinderpedia on Vimeo.

Meet Kinderpedia – the smart tool that helps childcare centers save 6 to 9 hours per week while keeping parents connected and engaged.

Instead of the classic pen and paper, the daily check-in is now done with a just a few taps. Parents and other staff members are instantly informed.

With a few more taps, teachers log how much each child ate throughout the day.

By using the quick message functionality, teachers send messages, reminders and even alerts directly to the parents. In an emergency, the alerts may even be sent as SMS.

Both parents receive a push notification on their phones and can reply instantly.

The Menu Planner offers parents information about the child's daily meals, and shows how much their child ate. Parents can navigate to a specific date and see the full report, including quantities and nutritional values by simply scrolling down.

Unique moments from the children's day are captured by teachers, who can easily create photo albums and share them privately and securely with parents.

Parents can now be a part of their child's day and even share memories with family and friends.
Using the calendar module, parents are invited to events and can RSVP right in the app. No more uncertainty about the number of participatns or missed events by parents.

Invoices are easily issued in batches or individually for one-off payments, based on customizeable billing plans. Parents receive the invoices in the app, shortening payment cycles and giving management a constant overview about cashflow.

Teachers reduce administration time, communicate more efficiently with parents and seamlessly share photos and information about the children's day.

Parents are informed and connected. They have access to meaningful information at their convenience and a direct communication channel to teachers.

Managers have a real-time view of presence and ratios, communication flows, and finances, while building a stronger community of engaged and committed parents.

With Kinderpedia, it's easy to be there!


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