Inclusive education is available to all

15 Mar 2022

Inclusive education is available to all

PAGS Stand: NK80

Congratulations to San Anton, Malta for going live with PAGS and taking ‘inclusion’ to a whole different level. It is exciting to see such a prestigious school leading the way in education and putting Special Educational Needs in the forefront of their agenda. So what does this mean?

Well this school now:

⏩ Has the opportunity to find out the ins and outs of their SEN (special educational Needs) learners’ context instantly

⏩ Can identify their learners needs in a holistic way

⏩ Can support learners in a way that is appropriate for them

⏩ Has provided their teachers with the latest SEN expertise and SEN resources saving them hours of work

⏩ Has not only facilitated the work of their Teachers and Learning Support Educators but also that of the SENCo and other professionals involved in the well-being of the child

⏩ Can measure progress and celebrate successes in real time

⏩ Can develop the learners’ gaps through their strengths The struggles and frustrations that SEN learners face on a day to day basis are very real.

They deserve the same opportunities as everybody else. PAGS can help your school reach these special educational needs milestones too.

About Josianne Pisani Josianne Pisani is a teacher, teacher trainer and materials writer at ETI Malta with years of experience in teaching English as a second language to learners of all ages and abilities. She has written and runs various methodology courses and has been training teachers from around the world for the last 10 years. She is also a SEN coach and a PAGS professional.

Josianne has recently launched her own website, a platform that provides interactive and engaging material as well as lesson ideas for educators. Find out more about Josianne and what she does at: PAGS ( Profile, Assessment and Goal Setting) is a digital profiling, assessment and goal setting tool for neurodiverse learners aged between 5 and 25, and their caregivers (

The tool can be used alongside any curriculum by Parents, Schools, Educators, Local Authorities as well as Education & Clinical Psychologists. It aims at developing the skills needed for learners to move forward and thus can be used both indoors and outdoors. Watch the video to find out the science behind PAGS, and the benefits this tool brings to its users.


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