Getting pupil progress right

06 Jan 2021

Getting pupil progress right

FFT Education Hall: Bett Hall Stand: NP64

Pupil tracking – two powerful trackers in one

Monitor and track individual pupils, classes, groups and cohorts with Aspire Pupil Tracking. Convert and compare your DfE tests, standardised tests, teacher assessments, targets and FFT estimates in one single tracking system.



Setting targets, tracking progress

In a life after levels and letters, Aspire's Target Setting dashboards help you to set challenging targets for your school and pupils. And soon, we’ll be piloting a new module to track the progress of your pupils. Benchmarking, target setting and tracking in a single system!


Evaluating your performance

Simple, visual and clear. FFT Aspire’s innovative Self Evaluation dashboards allow you to quickly and comprehensively evaluate attainment and progress in your school.


Intervention and support

Behind each one of your pupils is a unique story - Aspire’s Student Explorer dashboard can help you to find it. Improve your intervention and support and help each pupil to reach their potential.


Learning together, success for all

Use Aspire's Collaborate dashboards to benchmark your school’s performance alongside other schools. Identify and share best practice across groups of schools. The perfect toolkit for MATs, chains and partnerships.


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